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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  November 13, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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time ago. what's happening? >> good morning you to, this crash is blocking the carlson boulevard on-ramp to interstate 80 westbound in richmond. crews are working to get this truck uprighted. you have a tow truck trying to flip this and get it up and out of here. that will be quite a process. this on-ramp likely won't reopen until 7:00 this morning. the driver of the big rig lost control and the truck came off the freeway and landed on its side on the on-ramp. the big rig slammed into a sound wall, amazingly that truck didn't hit any other cars and the driver was not hurt. this happened about 2:00 in the morning while this driver was loading a load of hay. the driver explained why he was
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forced to swerve off the roadway. >> i tried to -- i ended on the road. >> you were runoff the freeway. >> trying to avoid the car, and i get in an accident. >> the chp is investigating exactly what caused the crash. it doesn't appear the driver of the big rig will be cited. the car that supposedly cut him off left the scene. this was a one vehicle accident just involving this big rig. it came off the freeway and landed on the side on the on- ramp. this tow truck crew is trying to get this truck uprighted. it's full of hay and they are trying to get it up and out of the way to get the on-ramp to interstate 80 westbound back
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open. this is the carlson on-ramp. the estimate is they will have it open by 7:00 this morning. time is 4:31, let's check in with steve. what's the forecast today. >> nice on friday, clouding up saturday, rain sunday morning. >> thank you very much. sal, back to you. >> we have coal conditions, but again, the lows are coming up each day. more in the upper 30s and 40s, don't let that fool you, lower 30s by monday. christine erickson asked a good question: question: i have wondered this. i'm going on take a staff.
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cold valley gets cold. and when the wind dies down the cool air settles in. there's areas that get colder. 30s on the temps. still coal. clear skies, looking good. patchy fog, once that burns off we'll be ready to go with sunshine. i know it's not much, it's there. that stirs things up. just a whopper in thetis same. the rain -- system. the rain strain in seattle and portland. our system is coming out of there. we have drier air.
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that system will dive southward, be here late sunday and monday. temperature in the 60s and 70s for some. 4:33. the warriors had 75 points at halftime. pretty amazing. the t'wolves made it close, but in the end it didn't matter. good morning. let's look at what we have. the traffic is moving well except for the carlson boulevard on-ramp. you just heard about that. maybe you turned the tv on right now this. on-ramp is blocked with a truck that fell off the freeway carrying hay. it's not causing major traffic on 80, but that carlson on-ramp is not available. let's look at the bay bridge, traffic looks good to span.
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we go to the toll plaza it's not backed up. we're off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. here's a look at the top stories we're following this morning. u.s. officials are trying to confirm if a reason to strike killed jihady john. the strike targeted a car in syria he was believed to be riding in. a woman was killed on kirker pass road when she got out of her car to exchange insurance information. it happened near he's road just
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out -- hess road outside of concord. two cars got into a minor crash. a third car came up from behind and slammed into the cars. a 35-year-old woman and a 36- year-old man were hit and taken to the hospital. the woman died. the chp said it is investigating the crash. they say drugs alcohol do not appear to be a factor. police in walnut creek are investigating the second pedestrian death of the week. a 90-year-old woman was hit while in the crosswalk last night. she died at the hospital. the driver is cooperating with investigators. they believe that darkness may have played a factor. on monday a woman was killed in
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a cross awalk. we're getting a look at video that shows the suspect stealing a shotgun from a big five sporting goods store before that shooting. halve everlopez garcia asked to see a shotgun, he told the manager i'm taking the shotgun. >> don't do anything funny or you'll get hurt. i'm not afraid to get shot. >> police never had contact with garcia before the robbery. police are trying to figure out why he went to st. lukes. that's where he was shot and killed by police after firing one shot at the hospital, then aiming the gun toward officers. the town hall meeting is set for 4:00 p.m. at st. lukes hospital. sunnyvale police officer killed a man after he charged
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at them with a knife. they say a woman reported being sexually assaulted by a family members. when officers arrived they saw a man standing by the dover with a knife. he charged at them. three officers opened fire. you can see they are out here, the crime scene investigators are doing their work. they will look at everyone -- everything. this was the fourth police shooting in sunnyvale. three of the shootings were deadly. the woman who reported being assaulted is in stable condition and the three officers involved in yesterday's shooting have been placed on paid leave. an oakland fire inspector said a person was arrested overnight on suspicious of
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fire. he's accused of debris fire on the international avenue. there have been other suspicious fires but do not see a connection at this time. a federal appeals court hat upheld the death penalty. the federal judges reversed it but didn't answer the question if it cruel and unusual punishment. fewer than half of inmates on death row in the u.s. is executed. >> there's no way california will be better than that. let's acknowledge this is a waste of time, of money, of frustration for victim's families and have a snips team that works. since the death penalty was reinstated, 9900 people have --
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900 people have been sentenced. only 19 have been executed. three bay area counties have won grants to build or fick up the jails. the santa clara is under scrutiny. the mercury news reports a large number of add slow cats were in sacramento for a vote on the funding. they would rather see the money go toward mental health programs. san francisco county received $80 million toward a new jail. they voted for city to chip-in $160 million. the current jail is considered to be unsafe. san francisco does not need a new jail since the inmate population is declining.
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east bay mudd has a list of water wasters. the owner of a 1200 square foot house used 13,000 gallons of water a day over the snappleer. the homeowner -- summer. he said he had a leak but he fixed it. in danville used 6,000 gallons a day and a resident used 5,000 gal it's a day. big weekend for music fans. garth brooks is returning to the bay area. he will be joined by his wife trisha yearwood. they will perform three shows. according to ticketmaster boat
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saturday and sunday are sold out. there aren't many tickets left for tonight. if you're driving near the center allow plenty of time. more lawsuits are being filed in connection with the balcony collapse. the claims that are being made. there's changes to black friday at wal-mart. what the company is planning to do after the deal sparked confusion last year. we're looking at something unusual on the bridge. part of it is dark, you can see it here, there may be a power out able, and that may confuse some drivers. looks like a fabulous friday, we'll have changes late
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saturday and sunday. +a;'
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this is not something you see every day. this self-driving car was going too slow. it was going 24 miles an hour in a 35 miles an hour zone. the officer did not issue a ticket. there's special rules for driverless prototype. google was in the clear. fisherman's wharf buckles this time of year. california delayed the november 15th start after finding
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dangerous levels of a toxin in the crab. officials in oregon and washington are testing crab samples. they will decide whether or not to open their season on december 1. a closure on the whole west coast would be a blow to the industry. walmart is scaling back the usual black friday frenzy. instead of offering sale items every hour, this year it will keep things simple. it will over discounts on tv, tablets, toys and clothing starting at 12:01 thanksgiving day. the majority of the same deals will apply online. the government has offered numbers on how the airlines are doing to get you where you need to go on time. there's been a vast
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improvement. with 86% of flights arriving on time. that's the fourth best month on record. delta, alaska be southwest have the best rating. san jose is getting in the holiday spirit. the christie yamaguchi ice rink. she will be there on monday. normally skaters can only enjoy the rink through january. this year it will be open for an extra month. there's something, lights on the bay bridge. >> the western most part of the bridge to san francisco, we have it on camera, the west bay bound bridge. the lights are out because of
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maintenance, looks like the lights stop at the western most tower. the san francisco anchorage, you drive to work every day, you expect to see things, today you drive through there it will be dark. let's move along and look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's not a big crowd at all. there's not a crowd here. westbound getting into san francisco. the carlson on-ramp to westbound 80 is closed. a truck came off the freeway and ended up down there, the truck will be there for a while. we'll show you pictures later on. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> good morning, it's cold out there. still though, upper 30, 40s, some patchy fog by santa rosa,
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out by the valley, stockton is reporting some. some will creep in toward oakley, brentwood, discovery bay. crystal springs reservoir tends to get the fog. >> 46 brentwood, 45 clayton, a lot of 40s, more than the 30s. but there's some. couple days ago most of these were in the 30s. lots of sunshine, nice temperature. we're getting in the upper 60s, 70s. south, north at six, that's enough to stir up the atmosphere. bodega bay water temp 55. these have stayed dole, they will remain cold. there's more cool air out of
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the bay of alaska. 19. >> truckee, 39 ukiah. truckee 19, south lake tahoe 31. the rain is going crazy in the pacific northwest. rain and snow, the cascades getting slammed. the system will start to drop south, that will be late saturday. we're good to go today. looks nice. we'll see clouds inching closer toward us. 70s by the coast. saturday will be fine. saturday night we load it up. late saturday to early sunday, and then overnight around three, 4:00 in the morning that front will come through. by 5:00, 6:00 it is past san jose. there will be showers coming behind that. you will notice that dip in the temps. over all a cold morning, sunny
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and warmer. a breeze in the hills. patchy fog, did i say womanner? -- wammer? >> it's early. 60s, it will be wammer. er. >> 70, that's wam. >> i do that on my phone. social media. the auto correct. >> that's crazy. 4:51 is the time. coming up another recall that could affect your family. campbell soup issuing a voluntary recall for spaghettios because of a choking risk. we'll look at the events happening across the bay area. ñy
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. welcome back, and two storms in november brought snow to the sierra marking a rapid start to the snow season. it will take more to make a dent in the drought. the u.s. drought monitor says the snow pack is well above average for this time of the
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year, only scattered areas of improvement have been noted. with many ski resorts opening earlier than planned the snow is a welcome site. -- sight. there's many things going on. rosemary has a look. >> as we head into the mid of november. this is your weekend watch. the harvest festival. the art and craft show offers 24,000 handmade items. there will be live music, performances and a kids zone. it runs friday through sunday. the green fest control expo in daly city. find products and services to work green, play green, live green. it's at the cow palace. head to the streets of castro
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valley. the meet in the street party. a poker walk and ride after sunset, a light parade. the event goes from 12:00 to 7:00. >> get into the holiday spirit at the wine country winter wonder land wine tasting. 8-acres of lights to illuminate the plaza. it begins on saturday at 4:00. warriors host nets. that is your weekend watch. a lot of fun things to do. you will find those and more on >> i have a feeling a lot of people will be heading to the those. we're learning about
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targeting jihadi john. and a big rig crash on interstate 80 in richmond. the delays it is causing and the repairs that need to be done. we're looking at the south bay commute, north bound 280 looks good. another update on the morning commute, straight ahead. a little bit of fog out to the valley, it looks like a sunny and warm day, we have a change coming in late saturday into sunday. flap five-day forecast fç
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a major constructs project in st. tammany parish could impact you're -- san francisco could impact your commute. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather or traffic. i think it's going to get wammer. >> colder for some. it's a new phrase.
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playoff on warmer. i fixed it. we have a cold morning, there's some out to the east. some of that will work toward eastern, contra costa county. 30s, i'm sure crystal springs on the border. gilroy is 39, these are warmer than they were, but time to get some 30s. 36, 35, scotts valley and boulder creek. isolated frost on the rooftop. there's enough of a breeze, a puff that keeps that fog from forming. the rain on the go in the pacific northwest. our system is out of the gulf of alaska. won't be here until early sunday. a cold, breezy pattern. 60s to near 70s. santa cruz and santa


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